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Celebrating 25 Years
1992 - 2017

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Sussex Harmony Quire

Diary of Events

The following events are planned in the coming months.  This list will be updated as new events are added and if there are any changes to planned events, so please check it regularly! Visiting singers and instrumentalists will be welcome to take part in any of the workshops.

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Weekly at 8 pm on Thursdays except August.

Sussex Harmony Quire practice dates.

St Michael’s Church, Church Lane, South Malling, Lewes BN7 2JA

Contact us if you would like to come along to listen, sing and/or play an instrument at one of our practices.


Sunday 29th Novembe


Advent Carol Service,

Sorry, this event is cancelled due to Coronavirus

St Thomas a Beckett,  Cliffe High St., Lewes,  BN7 2AH.  Time TBC

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Monday 14th December



Sorry, this event is cancelled due to Coronavirus

Adastra Hall, Keymer Rd., Hassocks, BN6 8QH

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Thursday 17th December


St Peter’s Carol Concert
7 pm Mullled Wine, Concert at 7.30 pm
Sorry, this event is cancelled due to Coronavirus

St Peter’s Church, Preston Park,  Preston Drove, Brighton,  BN1 6SD

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Sunday 25th July

Festival Evensong
Time TBA

St Annes Church,  Lewes, High St., BN7 1RJ


Monday 13th December

Hassocks Field Society



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St Michaels, South Malling (C) Roughwood

The home of Sussex Harmony.  St Michael’s church in South Malling, Lewes.

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