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Celebrating 30 Years
1992 - 2023

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About Sussex Harmony

Sussex Harmony was founded in 1992 to research, reconstruct and perform the little known music of the English Church and Independent Chapel from 1700 to 1850, and its derivatives from New England and the Southern States - a tradition that continues with new music to the present day.

We have brought our vibrant music to other choirs by arranging workshops for them. We now have longstanding friendships with choirs such as the Bexhill Methodists and Catsfield parish church. Both have invited us back several times and thoroughly enjoyed performing along side us, often dressing up for the occasion too - see costumes!

The quire's membership is drawn from people of all ages with a variety of interests and consists of an enthusiastic band of amateur singers and instrumentalists.  Weekly practices are held on Thursdays in Lewes and new members are always welcome.  Our current membership is around 20 and we have a oboe, clarinet and recorder, double-bass, viola with occasional flute and violin.

We are of all – or no – religious persuasions.    Though we tend to practice and perform in churches and chapels we have also performed in venues ranging from theatres to breweries!

Click on Picture Gallery to see the Quire in action!

St Michael’s Church, South Malling.
The home of Sussex Harmony

St Michaels (c) Roughwood

If you might be interested in joining us you would be very welcome, whatever your ability.  Come for a taster session. Click on Contact Us for directions as to how to find us.

Sussex Harmony in association with the West Gallery Music Association.

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St Michaels, South Malling (C) Roughwood

The home of Sussex Harmony.  St Michael’s church in South Malling, Lewes.

Harvey's Brewery  (c) Robin Nicholson
Sussex Brewers - Founded 1790